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TPC is located in Taoyuan International Airport. Its main services are airfreight cargo and mail clearance, luggage examination and northern Taiwan bonded factories supervision. It also allocates Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park station, Taipei Post Office station. In addition, there is a customs service window located in Taoyuan Free Trade Zone to process all kinds of customs affairs. Comparing with other Customs, there are five features of TPC:

1、Most entries:

Taipei Customs had processed 42.3% of import /export entries of whole country in 2014. The statistics have been increasing every year. Here we can see our Customs processing the most of entries among the four main Customs. branches

2、Fast speed clearance:

Our Customs has automatic import/export clearance system. Businesses or factories can clear their cargoes by sending the entry data via the Internet. More than 99% of airfreight import/export cargoes are using the Internet to declare clearance, the procedure is more convenient and clearer. According to the statistics, it takes about 0.1 seconds to process clearance for normal import C1 items; 33 minutes for C2 items; 41 minutes for C3 items.

3、24 Hr express cargo clearance service:

We supply 24 Hr, 365 days a year, express clearance service which includes leaving straight after inspection and express zone for special goods, such as fresh food, animal and plant products, and express cargoes. We also allocate more officers and extend working hours to process cargo clearance before consecutive holidays.

4、24 Hr passenger clearance service:

Averagely, there are more than 35 millions inbound/outbound passengers from Taoyuan International Airport. It only takes about less than 1 minute to process clearance for normal travelers, which has obtained very good recognition from passengers. In general, more than 95% of passengers are satisfied with our services according to the result of survey. Furthermore, there are more than 1,540,000 pieces of luggages from passengers each year. In order to prevent drug smuggling, our officers work very hard 24 hr every day and thus maintain the health of people as well as social and economic order.

Contactpoint:Public Relations & Secretary Subsection
Tel:(03)3834265 ext 507

  • Date:2020-04-17
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