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Export Cargo Clearance

Ⅰ. Exporters may file export declarations to the Customs via the Trade-Van(T/V) 24 hours a day.

Ⅱ. After matching the export declaration with the export manifest, the export declarations will be classified into 3 categories, C1, C2 and C3. C1 refers to bypass (no document review nor cargo examination); C2 refers to document review; and C3 refers to document review and cargo examination. For C2 or C3 types of clearance, the customs brokers should submit hard copies of the declarations.

. Office Hours for Export Clearance
1. 8:30 to 19:30, Monday through Friday
2. 8:30 to 12:30, Saturday
3. Non-office Hours

For C3 clearance, the exporters should pay the extra examination fee of NT$1,300 if the FOB value is over US$5,000. If the FOB value is under US$5,000, its examination fee is reduced to NT$650. If an exporter files various export declarations for the same shipments whose examinations shall be conducted at the same time and in the same place, he shall only need to pay extra examination fee for one declaration.

. Clearance Operations
1. Cargos clearance will be completed on the same day for declarations received by 18:30 of the day, Monday through Friday.

2. Cargos clearance will be completed on the same day for declarations received by 12:00 on Saturday.

. The codes of Export clearance are as follows:

1.CA-Taipei Customs (Taiwan Air Cargo Terminal, TACT)



2.CB-Clearance Division II (Bonded Cargo Clearance ) 



3.CD-Express Cargo Division (TACT Planeside Release)



4.CE-Express Cargo Division (TACT Express Cargo Handling Unit)



5.CF-Express Cargo Division (FEDEX Transhipment Center)



6.CG-Taipei Customs (Evergreen Air Cargo Terminal)



7.CH-Jhuwei Branch (Ever Terminal)



8.CI-Inspection Division (Passenger baggage)



9.CM-Clearance Division I (Fedex Express Terminal )



10.CN-Express Cargo Division (Evergreen Air Cargo Planeside Release Warehouse ) 



11.CP(Songshan Branch Postal Affairs Section) 



12.CR-Express Cargo Division (Evergreen Air Cargo Express Handling Unit)



13.CS(Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park Station)



14.CT(Central Taiwan Science Park Logistics Cargo Terminal ,Planeside Release Warehouse) 



15.CU-Express Cargo Division (UPS Asia Hub)



16.CV-Jhuwei Branch (Ever Terminal Express Handling Unit)



17.CW-Jhuwei Branch (Far Glory  General Goods Warehouse)



18.CX-Jhuwei Branch (Far Glory  Express Handling Unit)



19.CY-Jhuwei Branch (Far Glory  Planeside ReleaseWarehouse)



20.CZ-Songshan Branch (Central Taiwan Science Park Logistics Express Cargo Handling      Unit ) 




Ⅵ. Advice for Export-involved operators
1. Exporters
(1) Avoid exporting all the shipments on the same day or export all the cargos on the day before a holiday.
(2) Deliver cargos to warehouse as soon as possible.
2. Customs Brokers
(1)Try to transmit export declarations at different times.
(2)Submit the hard copy of the declaration to the respective Customs offices as soon as possible if the shipment is selected for inspection or document review.
3. Air Forwarders
(1) Try to separate the flights for the all shipments you deal with and avoid shipping all cargos on Saturday or Sunday.
(2) Try to join the T/V as soon as possible.
4. Warehousing
(1) Speed up export cargo warehousing operations.
(2) Speed up the information transmission regarding cargos being delivered to airliners.

Contact point :Clearance Division I

TEL: (03)3834161 ext 217,218,264


  • Date:2020-04-20
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