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1. Definition of Express Cargo

1.1 For Ordinary Express Cargo

1.1.1 Items that are not controlled items, contrabands, involving  copyright infringement, fresh agriculture/fishery/livestock products,live animals/plants,endangered animals/ plants and products made from them.

1.1.2 Gross weight of each article (pack) shall not exceed 70 kilograms (kgs).

1.2 For Onboard Courier Cargo

1.2.1 Items that are not controlled items, contrabands, involving copyright infringement, endangered animals/ plants and products made from them.

1.2.2 Gross weight of each article (pack) shall not exceed 32 kgs.

1.2.3 No more than 60 articles (packs) with a total value of US$20,000 or under.

2. Express Handling Units

2.1 Onboard Courier Unit (OBC, collection code: CO)
2.2 Express Handling Unit (EHU, collection code: CE)
2.3 UPS Asia Hub (UPS, collection code: CU)
2.4 Fedex Transhipment Centre (FEDEX, collection code: CF)
2.5 Evergreen Air Cargo Service Corp.(EGAC) Express Handling Unit (including EGAC EHUS , collection code: CR)

3. Express Cargo Clearance

3.1 Taipei Customs offers 24-hour express cargo clearance services.

3.2 Invoices of cargoes shall be attached to the cargoes for inspection.

3.3 Cargo import/export declaration shall be reported to Customs via Tradevan (T/V) and manifests may be taken as declarations. When declaring with manifests, cargo(es) value, tariff code, tax rate and net weight should be involved.

3.4 Applicants of onboard courier cargoes declaration in written forms shall fill out a 4-copy form indicating the flight number, import date, courier name, cargo title, quantity , gross weight, net weight, tariff code, cargo(es) value, name of importer/exporter or recipient, business tax code or ID number/ passport number, photocopy of flight ticket and the boarding pass.

3.5 Declaration of express cargoes may be made prior to import/export of cargoes. The Customs may notify destination terminals of the air cargoes and owners or clearance brokers via the T/V prior to the arrival of the aircraft.

3.6 Payable duties and tariff of express cargoes shall be levied according to either the Post-Release Duty Payment for import cargoes or deposit system (tax deductible online). Express clearance handling fees shall be charged according to rates set by the Customs.


Contact point:Express Cargo Division

  • Date:2020-05-15
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