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Most regulations imposed to crew members are the same as those imposed to passengers, e.g. Prohibited, Money Laundering Controlled Items, Cosmetics, Agricultural and Food Products, Veterinary Drugs, Other Items, EXCEPT the following specific regulations:

A. Exemptions.
B. Limit on dutiable items.
C. Medicines.
D. Declaration procedure.


A. Exemptions

(a) 5 packs of cigarettes (20 pieces per pack), OR half a pound of tobacco, OR 20 pieces of cigars.
(b) Small amount of permitted items for private use, e.g. bare necessities.

(i) The aggregate value of dutiable items, items outside the aforementioned exemptions, shall be limited (see the topic "Limit on dutiable items").
(ii) The aggregate amount of dutiable tobacco products and alcohol is limited as well (see the topic "Limitations" of Tobacco products and Alcohols).

B. Limit on dutiable items

(a) Dutiable items carried shall LESS than NT$ 5,000 in aggregate value, and shall be imposed tariff following a declaration.

(b) When dutiable items carried OVER NT$ 5,000 in aggregate value, all of them shall be returned or shipped out of Taiwan following an honest declaration.

(c) Items without a declaration shall be processed pursuant to the Customs Anti-smuggling Act or other governing laws.

C. Medicines

(a) In the case of presenting a prescription or a supporting document, a crew member may carry medicines for personal use following the passengers' regulations (see Medicines). 

(b) The medicine allowance for a crew member shall be reduced by half in the case of having no prescription or supporting document.

Note: a prescription or a supporting document of one's own MUST be presented when it come to controlled drugs and injectables

D. Declaration Procedure

(a) DECLARATION. The dual channel system is not applicable to crew members and the captain shall present a crew manifest, General Declaration (G/D) , to customs for crew clearance. Thus, crew members having goods to declare shall submit a written declaration form to customs AHEAD OF the G/D submission by the captain.

(b) INSPECTION. Customs may conduct luggage inspection after receiving the G/D, where the written declaration shall no longer be accepted and items in violation shall be processed pursuant to the Customs Anti-smuggling Act or other governing laws.


In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the latter shall prevail.

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