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Items subject to other regulations should be processed pursuant to the provisions of governing laws and regulations, and a written declaration shall be submitted to customs at the red (goods to declare/ customs service) channel upon arrival. For instance:

BSMI Designated Items

(a) Pursuant to the Commodity Inspection Act, import of designated items shall apply for inspection to the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI). Common designated items among passenger luggage are:

(1) Information appliances, e.g. notebooks, tablets.
(2) Home appliances and electronics, e.g. TV, speakers, microwave, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, lighting equipment.
(3) Baby supplies, e.g. baby carriages, baby walkers, baby garments and clothing.
(4) Protective helmets
(5) Toys

(b) Passengers are granted to carry such items without BSMI inspection if items carried are for personal use, or commercial samples, or exhibitions, or research and development, and the quantity and value thereof are in accordance with the article 5 of the Regulations Governing Exemption from Inspection of Commodities. For further information, please contact BSMI at +886-2-23431700.


Controlled Telecommunication Radio-Frequency Devices (CTRFDs)

(a) According to the article 18 of the Administrative Regulations on the Controlled Telecommunications Radio-Frequency Devices, passengers are granted to carry wireless telecommunications terminal equipments (TTE) or low-power radio-frequency devices (LPD), e.g. walkie-talkie, devices with bluetooth or WIFI functions, up to 5 pieces in aggregate without a prior approval by the competent authority. However mobile satellite earth stations and small satellite earth stations are excluded from the foregoing exemption.

(b) Passengers in violation could be imposed with a NT$100,000 to NT$500,000 fine and confiscation of the CTRFDs. For further information, please contact the competent authority, the National Communications Commision, at +886-800-177177.

In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the latter shall prevail.

Content Maintainers: General Affairs Section, Inspection Division

  • Date:2020-05-12
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