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According to the announcement by the Council of Agriculture(COA), passengers may be granted to carry veterinary drugs for use in their own pets, if the drugs carried are not prohibited veterinary drugs and are compliant with the limits on amount. Please consult the COA prior to your travel if passengers are in doubts.

Prohibited Veterinary Drugs

(a) vaccine, blood serum, antibody, bacterin or other biological drugs.
(b) drugs for Food-Producing Animals (see Note 1).
(c) Nitrofurans, β-agonists or Chloramphenicol 
(d) ortho-Dichlorbenzenz (1,2-Dichlorbenzene, DCB, ODB, or o-Dichlorobenzene).
(e) Olaquindox,Roxarsone, Dimetridazole or Ronidazole. However, Dimetridazole and Ronidazole for treating ornamental animal (see Note 2) diseases are excluded.
(f) Drugs from the manufacture, dispense, importation, exportation, sale or display of which is banned by the central competent authority by way of public notice based on Article 5, paragraph 1, subparagraph 1 of "Veterinary Drugs Control Act", or from which is restricted its usage and scope or abolished permit by the central competent authority based on Article 14, paragraph 2 of "Veterinary Drugs Control Act".

♦Note1: Food-Producing Animals herein are animals reared and tended for the production of meat, milk, egg or provided for the source of human food, such as cow, sheep, pig, deer, chicken, duck, goose, turkey, sea-food animal, etc.
♦Note2: Ornamental animals herein are dogs, cats or animals reared and tended for pleasure or companionship, such as pet, aquarium fish.

Limits on Amount

(a) For prescription drugs (see Note 3),  the dosage carried shall not exceed what stated on the prescription or a supporting document, and shall not exceed the amount for 3 months use.
(b) For non-prescription drugs (see Note 4), it is allowed to carry up to 6 bottles of each kind in original packaging and 6 kinds in total. In addition, the amount shall not exceed 18 bottles or 180 drops or 1kg or 1 liter in aggregate. The bottles herein could referred to boxes, cans, bars, sticks, packets, or bags, and the drops herein could also referred to ingots.

♦Note3: Prescription drugs are classified as type 1 to type 3 of “Classification of Sale and Use of Prescription Veterinary Drugs”, attachment to Article 2 of “Regulations for Administration to Sales and Application of Drugs Prescribed by Veterinarian".
♦Note4: Non prescription drugs herein are veterinary drugs other than prescription drugs, such as non-injectable and antiinfective drugs for treating aquarium fish, solution for external use of anti-parasite drugs, powder for external use of anti-parasite drugs, noninjectable and anti-parasite drugs for treating aquarium fish.

In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the latter shall prevail.

Content Maintainers: General Affairs Section, Inspection Division

  • Date:2020-05-12
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