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Introduction of Clearance Division I

The principal job of Clearance Division I, Taipei Customs is to process the customs clearance of general import cargo in the restricted areas around the Taoyuan International Airport (there are three importing warehouses: Evergreen Air cargo Service importing warehouse, Taiwan Air cargo Terminal warehouse, and Fedex Express Terminal warehouse). In addition, we are also in charge of the import cargo examination, tariff classification and valuation, advance tariff ruling, Post-release Duty Payment, Whole-Customs-Territory Bond for Post-release and Consolidated Duty Payment, Authorized Economic Operator, duty exemption of the articles necessary for educational, research, or experimental purposes, and Duty deposit return processing.

To advance cargo clearance and simplify operation procedures, we hold many seminars such as Customs policy, import cargo tariff classification, and advance tariff ruling, so as to serve the importing and exporting public. The major facilitation approaches the Customs has taken in recent years are as follows: Temporary Admission, On-line Duty Payment, Web-based Goods Declaration, Computerization of Administrative Fee Collection, Deposit Return through T/T, and Customs ePayment System. We will continuously offer a safe and convenient environment.

Clearance Division I


Clearance Division I

2F/, 21 Hangchin N. Rd., Dayuan District, Taoyuan City

Unit Duties Telephone Address
Head of Import Classification & Valuation Section I Tariff classification and evaluation on imported items fall within Import Tariff Chapter 1-84. 204  
  Advance tariff rulings 205  
Subsection I Tariff classification and evaluation on items fall within Import Tariff Chapter 1-38 206,207,257  
Subsection II Tariff classification and evaluation on items fall within Import Tariff Chapter 39-71 208,209,250  
Subsection III Tariff classification and evaluation on items fall within Import Tariff Chapter 72-84 210,211,212,213  
Head of Import/Export Classification & Valuation Section II Tariff classification、evaluation of import /export cargo (Import Tariff Section 8518 of Chapter 85 -Chapter 99) 215  
Export Subsection Export Tariff classification & evaluation   217,218,264  
Subsection I Import Tariff Section 8501-8538 of Chapter 85 219,220  
Subsection II Import Tariff Section 8539 of Chapter 85-Chapter 89 221,222,223  
Subsection III Import Tariff Chapter 90-97 224,225,226  
Head of Duty Collection Section Duty collection (deposit) and release 227  
  Duty calculation 229,230,231,233,268,269  
  Manifest, Duty exemption and duty recover 232,234,235,238  
  Deposit and refund 236,237,265,272  
Head of Examination Section Examination of import cargo 239  
Subsection I As above 244,248,267  
Subsection II As above 243,245  
Subsection III As above 247,266  
Head of General Affairs Section   258  
  Official documents receiving, sending and documentation 251,253,270  
  Declaration form management (03)3982616 ext. 101,104,105 (1/F,25 Hangchin N. Rd., Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport)
  C1 Declaration registration, correction, import certificate and duplicate Issuing and other C1 applications 252,254, 271  
  C1 Declaration registration, correction, export certificate and duplicate Issuing and other C1 applications 249,255,271  
  Trade promotion service fee 261,271  


  • Date:2020-04-27
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