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Introduction of Inspection Division

Inspection Division takes charge of passengers’ luggage clearance and examination in Taoyuan International Airport. Under its head’s supervision, Inspection Division is organized by a senior audit to assist the head’s business, 4 sections with 14 sub-sections in total.


The main functions of Inspection Division:

1.  Clearance and inspection of inward and outward passengers and crews’ luggage.

2.  Supervision of inward passengers’ depositing luggage.

3.  Handling the informing against smuggling as well as dealing with emergency cases out of office hours.

4.  Passenger's service.

   (1)  Inspection of outbound luggage associated with VAT refund.

   (2)  Clearance and registration of accompanying gold, currencies , securities and other items pursuant to the Money Laundering Control Act (MLCA registration).

   (3)  Bonded factory’s export samples’ registration and clearance.

   (4)  Clearance of Carnet cargo.

   (5)  Clearance of CITES products.

   (6)  Relevant information services.

5.  Enforcement of anti-smuggling by targeting the high-risk passengers who may carry high-value and high tariff rate merchandise, controlled and dangerous articles, goods infringing IPR and products of endangering animal and plant species, with intensive examination 





Inspection Division

Terminal I /Terminal II

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)

In-town Check-in area of Taoyuan Airport MRT Taipei Main (A1) Station

Unit Duties Telephone Address
Customs Service Center

1. Inquiry service on passenger clearance.

2.Inspection of outbound luggage associated with VAT refund.

3. Clearance of CITES products and CARNET cargo.

4. Supervision of the bonded(duty-free) cargo.

5. MLCA registration.

6. domestic goods destined for exhibitions overseas.

Terminal 1 (24hrs):


+886-800-311006 (toll-free)

1F,the southern hallway of Terminal 1, TPE.

Terminal 2 (24hrs):


+886-800-016801 (toll-free)

2F,the hallway of souvenirs of Terminal 2, TPE.

A1 station(6:00am~9:30pm):


In-town Check-in area of Taoyuan Airport MRT Taipei Main (A1) Station
Office of Customs duty payment

1. Clearance of import cargo and retained luggage (One-stop clearance

2.Clearance of hand-carry export cargo.

Terminal 1(9:00am~3:00pm on workdays):


Basement of Terminal 1 ,TPE

Terminal 2(9:00am~3:00pm on workdays):


Basement of Terminal 2 ,TPE
Customs Inspection/Valuation Counter

1.Handling of passenger's declaration.

2.Clearance of CITES prodducts and CARNET cargo.

3.MLCA registration.

4.Imposing personal levy on dutiable items.


Terminal 1 (24hrs):


Customs Inspection Hall,Terminal 1, TPE.

Terminal 2 (24hrs):


Customs Inspection Hall,Terminal 2, TPE.

Contactpoint:Personnel Office TEL:(03)3834265 #520

  • Date:2020-04-27
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