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As a class one customs, there is a director to direct the office in TPC and two deputy directors to assist the director. There are one chief secretary, six divisions, five offices and two branches. Internal Affairs Office of Customs Administration has a resident office at TPC.

TPC Organization Chart

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Director》 《Deputy Director1st》 《Deputy Director2nd》 《Chief Secretary》 《Clearance Division I》 《Clearance Division Ⅱ》 《Inspection Division》 《Express Cargo Division》 《Mobile Inspection & Auditing Division》 《Information Management Office》 《Legal & Seizure Affairs Office》 《Secretariat》 《Budget, Accounting & Statistics Office》 《Personnel Office》 《Civil Service Ethics Office》 《Songshan Branch》 《Jhuwei Branch

Contactpoint:Personnel Office


  • Date:2020-04-27
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