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Taipei Customs Air Cargo Clearance Automation service (ACCA) was officially launched on November 9, 1992. ACCA refers to the use of the Trade Value Added Network (TRADE-VAN, T/V) to link up importers/exporters and relevant customs to replace the conventional paperwork, thereby enhancing the efficiency of cargo clearance. Under ACCA service, when custom declaration information is transferred to the Expert System of the customs via the T/V, one of the three cargo clearance modes will be generated: (1) C1 -- bypass; (2) C2 -- document review; and (3) C3 -- document review and cargo examination.

The schematic illustration of the T/V network is shown as follows:

Contact point:Head of Import Classification & Valuation Section I,Head of Import/Export Classification &Valuation Section II , Clearance Division I


TEL:(03) 3834265 ext 208,226

  • Date:2020-04-20
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