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  1. 24-hour Customs service for import / export  clearance of the plane-side cargoes.
  2. Plane-side cargoes clearance shall be limited to the following items: fresh food, perishable products, live  animals/ plants,  time- sensitive newspapers / documents, dangerous articles, radical products, human remains or ashes, corpses, and other in emergency or necessary goods specially approved to be delivered at plane-side.
  3. Applicants shall submit import / export declarations, packing lists, invoices, airway bills, appoint form, and export / import permits (exceptions may apply) for clearance applications. Individual applicants shall also submit a photocopy of ID or passport and documents issued by  authorities concerned.
  4. Import cargoes not appertaining  to the plane-side release items  shall apply to general cargo  clearance.
  5. The duty-paying value of the imported goods is or over USD 5,000 will be collected TWD1,300 as special examination fee. The fee will be reduced to TWD 650 if the value is below USD 5,000. However, the documents, magazines, printed materials and newspapers, which are lower than 20 KGS in gross weight, are exempt from duty payment.
  6. Requests for feeding the import  animals or filling oxygen, water or ice of the import aquatic products shall proceed only after the application being approved by Customs and under the supervision  of the Customs officers. The supervision fee is TWD 450.
  7. Applicants for import of dogs and / or cats shall submit a Quarantine Notice issued by the Bureau of Animal and Plant Heath Inspection and Quarantine, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan.
  8. Signature  shall be affixed by foreign embassies and institutes to the airway bill when sealed diplomatic bags apply for exemption from inspection and plane-side release.
  9. Importation of protected live animals, wildlife or breed, plants specifics are governed by the Wildlife Conservation Act or listed in the Appendices to the CITES, the importer who declares the items mentioned above should enter both the scientific name and the common(English) name of the species in the declaration form.
  10. The import of endangered species of wild fauna, flora, and products thereof, shall comply with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (hereafter referred to as “CITES”) certificate or other permits issued by the exporting country. The export of the above item shall require a prior grant of the CITES export permit or CITES other permit from the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), Ministry of Economic Affairs. Importation or exportation of protected wildlife and products thereof which is governed by the Wildlife Conservation Act shall submit the import permit issued by the Council of Agriculture (COA) or Ocean Affairs Council (OAC), Executive Yuan, for the Customs clearance. Exportation of plants governed by the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act shall additionally submit the export permit issued by the COA, Executive Yuan, for the Customs clearance.

  11. The agricultural products that are liable for tariff quota, such  as  betel nuts, the hairy antlers, etc, have been strongly suggested to use the Simplified 5105A form to  facilitate the application of tariff quota certificates and of quarantine documents.
  12. For further inquires, please contact Plane-side Release Section , Express Cargo Division ,Taipei Customs, sited at Evergreen Air Cargo Service Corp.  (03) 393-8239~393-8241.

Contact point: Express Cargo Division

TEL: (03)3938239~41

  • Date:2020-05-13
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