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What kind of import goods could apply for Customs release along the planeside and how much Customs service fee should be collected?

1.According to the Article 14 of the Rule of Examination of Import and Export Goods, import and export goods eligible for Customs release along the planeside are fresh goods, perishable products, live animals and plants, time-sensitive newspapers and documents, dangerous goods, radical products human remains or ashes and other in emergency or necessary goods.

2.According to the Article 3 , 9 and 10 of Regulations Governing Collection of Customs Service Fees .The duty-paying value of the imported goods is or over USD5,000 will be collected NTD1,300 as special examination fee. The fee will be reduced to NTD650 if the value is below USD5,000. However, the documents, magazines, printed materials and newspapers, which are lower than in gross weight are exempt from duty payment.


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  • Publish Date:2020-04-22
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