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How can I do if I want to import or export the human remains or ashes?

1.The declaration is necessary for importing or exporting the human remains or ashes, and they belong to the tariff code 3001.90.90.00-5 and 2621.90.10.00-4 respectively. Because of the regulation code, 804 or 808, the export or import of human remains also need to apply for the approval issued by Ministry of Health and Welfare. Please contact with Northern Regional Center,Centers for Disease Control Ministry of Health aad Welfare. (TEL: 03-398-2583; E-mail: doc20@cdc.gov.tw)

2. In addition to the documents mentioned above, the identification of importer,

air waybill and the death certificate should also be prepared. Moreover,

certificates of cremation are also necessary for the declaration of ashes.

3. According to the Article 14 of the Rule of Examination of

Import and Export Goods, please apply for declaration to the planeside release

units of Taipei Customs. (Farglory Free Trade Zone: 03-399-2888 ext.7552; Taiwan Air Cargo Terminal, TACT:03-398-3105; Evergreen Air Cargo Corporation, EGAC:03-393-8240)

4.According to the Article 3 of Regulation of Pre-application for Customs of Import & Export Goods , human remains or ashes are allowed for planeside release ; and According to the Article 28 , Paragraph 8 of the Rule of Examination of Import and Export Goods , which are no need to proceed with inspection by Customs .


Import and Export Goods

Contact point : Express Cargo Division

TEL : 03-3938239、03-3938240

  • Publish Date:2020-04-22
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