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What can I do if I want to carry goods out of Taiwan?

  1. For each outbound or transit passenger, the value limit for non-personal use articles excluded in the List of Commodities Subject to Export Restriction is US$20,000. An export permit is required for the amount of the articles in excess of the value limit or the articles included in the aforesaid list.
    Passengers carrying non-sample articles out of Taiwan could apply for export clearance directly to the office of Payment of Customs Duty, Inspection Division of Taipei Customs at the airport.
  2. Opening hours: Monday ~ Friday, 9:00 ~ 15:30. For passengers carrying articles which cannot meet the descriptions and opening hours above,please apply to Examination & Valuation Section, Clearance Division II, Taipei Customs (No.21, Hangchin N. Rd., Dayuan Township, Taoyuan County)
  3. Involved items:
    (1) Valuables: Gold, platinum pieces and products thereof, works of art and other valuables.
    (2) Exhibits.
    (3) General goods: No more than 5 cartons in one case, each carton shall weigh no more than 20kg. Agricultural and aquatic products, live animals and plants or endangered species of wildlife or products thereof, articles infringing upon the rights of patents, trademarks and copyrights, Strategic Hi-Tech Commodities, arms and other weapons, express cargos, articles for tax refunding or re-exporting for write-off are not applicable.
  4. Service line:
    Payment of Customs Duty
    Terminal 1:(03)398-2298
    Terminal 2:(03)398-3391
    Taipei Songshan Airport:
    (02)2546-0274; 2546-4698
    Taipei Customs Clearance Division I: (03)383-4265 ext. 218

  • Publish Date:2020-04-20
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