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Postal exports.

1. According to Article 15 of the Regulations Governing Customs Clearance Procedures for Importing and Exporting Postal Parcels, if the product meets the of following conditions, exporters need to file the export declarations to the Customs officers stationed at the Post Office. Otherwise, the exporters can directly send their product without export declaration.



(1) Free on board (FOB) price exceeds the equivalent of US$5,000.



(2) Subject to export permit under applicable regulations.



(3) Object for which duplicates of declarations for the purpose of requesting duty drawback or offset of bonding is required.



(4) Object that is returned or re-exported and needs to be cross-checked with the original import declaration.



(5) Export declarations other than the Export Declaration for Domestic Goods (Export Declaration “G) or Re-Exported Foreign Goods (Export Declaration “G).



(6) Other postal articles subject to customs declaration in accordance with other laws.



2. The exporters can authorize the Customs Brokers contracting with the Post Office to perform the export clearance declarations. Please visit the counter of the Post Office for further information.

Contact point:, 89, Section 3,

TEL:(02)27041144 or (02)27055280 ext. 207

  • Publish Date:2020-06-18
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