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What is the restriction for the express consignments carried by an OBC?

The express consignments carried by an OBC shall be limited to:

1. Shipments other than controlled commodities, contraband, articles of infringing intellectual property rights,fresh agriculture/ fishery/livestock products, live animals/plants, and conserved wild lives and their products;

2. Shipments with a gross weight of each package (bag) not more than 32 kilograms(kgs);

3. The quantity for each shipment does not exceed 60 pieces (bags) and its value is no more than US$20,000.

Where consignments carried by an express delivery enterprise, an integrated airfreight carrier, or an OBC do not meet the requirements on quantity, weight, and value as prescribed in the above paragraphs, they shall not be allowed to clear Customs in the Express Handling Unit or Air Cargo Transshipment Center.


Contact point : Express Cargo Division

TEL : 03-3983123、3932913

  • Publish Date:2020-04-21
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