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What are the regulations for the procedures of simplified declaration?

Informal entries shall be conducted in accordance with the following procedures:

1. The consignments shall be declared to the Customs via online transmission using the “Simplified Declaration Form for Import/Export Express Consignments.”

2. The duty payer or the shipper shall declare on the basis of “house number” of the air waybill (AWB) or the shipping order. Each informal entry is made only for a “house number”: Where there is no “house number,” the “master number” shall be applied as the basis.

3. The principle of numbering for “Simplified Declaration Form” is basically the same as that for General Import/Export Declaration Form, while the categories of entries are X1 (Import Express Documents), X2 (Import Low-value Duty-free Express Consignments), X3 (Import Low-value Dutiable Express Consignments), X6 (Export Express Documents), and X7 (Export Low-value Express Consignments).

4. When informal entries are made by consolidated entries, the Customs Authority shall randomly select the consignments for examination by using the “house number” as the selection basis, and the modes of clearance will be C1 and C3. C1: Bypass, no hard copy needed, but the Customs will ask to check the hard copy when necessary. C3: Goods examination. the Customs officers will inspect goods in accordance with the electronic data or hard copy.

5. Payment of duties and charges on simplified declarations made by express delivery enterprise or integrated airfreight carrier shall be deducted online through a security deposit in advance.


Contact point : Express Cargo Division

TEL : 03-3983123、3932913

  • Publish Date:2020-04-20
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