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Taiwan and New Zealand Signed an Arrangement for Mutual Recognition of AEO/SES to Facilitate Bilateral Trade

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The Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) between Taiwan and New Zealand for their Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) program and Secure Exports Scheme (SES) respectively has been signed. Through the Arrangement, the Customs Authorities of Taiwan and New Zealand are able to mutually recognize AEO/SES validated by each other. Exporters awarded AEO/SES status in Taiwan and New Zealand can enjoy the trade facilitation for their goods at the other border.
The Arrangement was signed by Representative Keh-Ming Chen of Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in New Zealand, on behalf of Taiwan, in Wellington on December 14, 2020. On the other hand, this Arrangement was signed by Director Moira Turley of New Zealand Commerce and Industry Office, on behalf ot New Zealand, in Taipei on December 18, 2020.  
Taiwan Customs Administration indicates that the inking of this Arrangement symbolizes a significant milestone for customs cooperation between Taiwan and New Zealand. According to the statistics, the trade volume between Taiwan and New Zealand in 2019 amounted to around US$1.3 billion. As the MRA will effectively facilitate bilateral trade, which in turn can bring substantial economic benefits to both sides, it is expected the MRA will reinforce the close cooperaiton between both customs administrations, as well as the strong economic ties between Taiwan and New Zealand.
Taiwan Customs has implemented its AEO program since December 2009 and there have been 789 AEOs granted as of today, including 377 General AEOs and 412 Security and Safety AEOs, together accounting for 48% of Taiwan’s total trade. In addition, through continuous efforts, Taiwan previously signed AEO MRAs with the United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, India and Israel. The MRA with New Zealand is the 8th AEO MRA concluded by Taiwan. 

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