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Taipei Customs’ Suggestions on International Online Shopping

    With expectations to receive parcels as soon as possible, consumers should beware of the related regulations of customs clearance.

    The dramatic growth of e-commerce deals has been notable. Millions of parcels delivered via international shipments will simultaneously go through customs clearance. It’s important for importers to understand their rights and obligations before doing international online shopping.

    • Tax Exemption
       Each importer has a tax exemption for six times in half year only when the duty paid value of an import parcel is under TWD 2,000.

    • Real-Name Authentication (EZ Way App)
       For real-name authentication, those national importers are strongly  advised to register via EZ way app, while the foreign importers should present POAs on case-by-case basis to entrust customs brokers to declare import goods for now. It’s estimated that foreigners with ARC are able to utilize EZ Way App soon. For update on this and other initiatives, please visit the official website of Customs Administration: https://reurl.cc/4mzkpK

    • Other Customs Control Measures
       Customs control measures over import goods, including tariff rates, vary in HS Codes, applicable laws and regulations. For example, permits from other agencies are required for specific items, please refer to Customs Import Tariff. 

    For detailed information or service, please dial 0800-005-055 or e-mail to Taipei Customs (chief@customs.gov.tw).

  • Publish Date:2020-12-18
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