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Fine Raised for Excessive Tobacco and Alcohol Products without Declaration on 1.1.2021

Taichung Customs expresses that the Ministry of Finance has revised item 3, subparagraph 1, paragraph 45 of "Directions for the Handling of Seizures and Accusation for Tobacco and Alcohol-Related products" and that will come into force from January 1st, 2021. The new fine applied to cigarettes increases from NT500 to NT1,000 per 200 cigarettes. There are also some changes applicable to cigars and alcoholic beverages.

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According to Article 45 of the “Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act”, when an inbound passenger carries tobacco or alcohol products in excess of allowed quantities and fails to declare the products to Customs, the excess quantities shall be confiscated by Customs.  For a speedier and seamless Customs clearance, Taichung Customs urges inbound passengers carrying cigarettes and alcohol products that exceed the allowed quantity (ie. of 1 carton of (200) cigarettes, 1 pound of shredded tobacco, 25 cigars, and 1 liter of alcohol, respectively) to declare to the Customs correctly and honestly.

  • Publish Date:2020-12-21
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