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How should a formal export declaration be done with the ATA Carnet?

Exported goods declared with ATA Carnet should first enter a warehouse, and the Applicant (Holder) should, at the examination and valuation section of the export division, make application for registration with the consignment note, Power of Attorney and the ATA Carnet with the stamp of exporter. The goods will be released after the Customs Authority has completed the examination and verification and marked as well as stamped in the column “for Customs use” of the counterfoil and voucher of the exportation sheet or re-exportation sheet, and write off the ATA file in the computer.


Contact Point:Subsection III, Import Classification & Valuation Section II , Clearance Division I

TEL: (03) 3834161 ext 235

  • Publish Date:2020-04-20
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