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How should a passenger use a Carnet to declare his hand-carry luggage?

By importation, a passenger should , together with the imported goods, fill out a “Customs Declaration Form of the Republic of China” and pass through the ”Goods to declare” channel (red channel) of the inward inspection area, the baggage inspector will transfer the goods to the duty-levy counter for advanced inspection and verification in accordance with the Carnet. If the integrity of the content is verified, the goods will be released after the officer in charge has stated the import mark on the Carnet and kept the importation sheet of third type. By re-exportations/ exportations, passenger should show the goods, Carnet, boarding pass and other documents attached to the goods for verification by officer at Customs Service and VAT Refund counter. After verification of integrity, the note of exportation will be made and the re-exportation/export sheet of Carnet will be retained by customs. The goods should be released under customs escort to complete the procedure.

Contact Point:Subsection III, Import Classification & Valuation Section II , Clearance Division I

TEL: (03) 3834161 ext 235

  • Publish Date:2020-04-20
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