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How can I apply for review after I've received the punishment notice?2020-05-11
How can I make an administrative appeal if I object to the decision of review made by Customs?2020-05-11
How could I do if I receive a fine or duty memo notice?2020-05-11
I have paid the fines at the post office by post transfer. How can I know that you have received the fines?2020-05-11
Will I be restricted from leaving the country if I do not pay the duties/fines?2020-05-11
What will Customs do if I do not pay the duties and /or fines?2020-05-11
Our imported goods have been detained at your office for a long time. Why have we still not received the disposition from Customs?2020-05-11
What am I supposed to do if I don't accept the sentence of the High Administrative Court?2020-05-11
How do I proceed with administrative litigation if I am still not satisfied with the decision of the MOF on my appeal?2020-05-11
How shall the winning bidders pay and receive the goods from Taipei Customs?2020-05-11
What will happen if the winning bidder fails to pay and pick up the goods in accordance with the regulations?2020-05-11
What can I do if I can not take delivery of all the bid goods at one time?2020-05-11
How shall bidders apply for the return of the bid bond?2020-05-11
When will the Customs auction off smuggled and overdue goods? How can I get the information about the auction?2020-05-11
When will you collect a bid bond and how can I offer the bid?2020-05-11
What documents are required for owners of goods (or warehouse operators, or shipping companies, on behalf of the owners of the goods) to apply for destruction of overdue or abandoned goods at the applicants’ own expense?2020-05-11
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