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Pertaining to the export case for early harvest plan under ECFA commodity trade, when shall exporters apply for ECFA certificates of country origin? Do the certificates have expiration date?2020-04-20
What are the procedures for right holders to apply for trademark protection to Taiwan Customs?2020-04-20
What is the time of trade statistics (imports/ exports) recording and statistical value of goods?2020-04-20
How do I get the trade statistics information (import/ export) on a specific product?2020-04-20
How can I do if I want to import or export the human remains or ashes?2020-04-20
Can amendments to the particulars in export declarations be made if mistakes or errors are found in export declarations after they have been filed with the Customs? Are there any regulations governing this matter?2020-04-20
How to apply for re-issuance of a copy of an approved export declaration whose paper form is lost?2020-04-20
What are the items for which the Customs take measures to enforce the protection of Intellectual Property Rights?2020-04-20
What is the export limit in terms of monetary amount when declaring in the name of a private person? Are there any regulations?2020-04-20
In the event that a discrepancy is found in the trademark of the goods upon an export declaration, will the goods still be released? What documents are required?2020-04-20
In the event that our trademarks are infringed, what should we do to get your help?2020-04-20
What is the prescribed time limit for the amendment of export declarations?2020-04-20
If the export declaration is lost, how can I apply for re-issuing it?2020-04-20
Under what circumstances is an exporter not allowed to apply for amending FOB prices?2020-04-20
Is an amendment allowed when mistakes in export declaration are found after the declarations have been filed? Are there regulations involved?2020-04-20
What should one pay attention while exporting optical disks?2020-04-20
How to apply for re-export customs clearance at different customs offices?2020-04-20
Q: How the trade promotion fee is levied for air export cargos?2020-04-20
What will be the “duty treatment” code of returned export –goods?2020-04-20
What can I do if I want to carry goods out of Taiwan?2020-04-20
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