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Our bonded cargoes are temporarily needed to be stored in a duty-levying area for the sake of special reasons, what should we do?2017-07-21
If there is any discrepancy found afterward in respect of an item not sampled in the course of the inventory check, what shall a park enterprise do?2017-07-21
How do we deduct the amount of bonded raw materials from the stock accounts while we make a new product?2017-07-21
What if our company has not completed the procedures of incorporation registration, could we import goods for bonded materials?2017-07-21
Is there any import duties required when park enterprises imported self-use machines, equipment and raw materials from abroad? Is the import duty required when those machines, equipment and raw materials transferred to duty-levying areas?2017-07-21
What kinds of certificates are required when a park enterprise wants to sell any duty free machines and equipment to the local factory which is located out of the Customs bonded area?2017-07-21
What is the time limit for applying to amend the data in a declaration form?2017-07-21
How do the Customs clearance when a park enterpriser exports the bonded goods?2017-07-21
What kind of goods should be levied the commodity tax?2017-07-21
Once the company has got the permission from the Science Park Administration and completes the procedure of incorporation registration, how to apply for the supervision and control by Customs?2017-07-21
If the enterprises want to sell the machines that are imported less than five years, do they have to get the permission from the Science Park Administration?2017-07-21
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