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How to apply for customs clearance of logistic center cargos?2020-05-05
How to apply for customs clearance of bonded warehouse cargos?2020-05-05
How to apply for customs clearance of bonded factories cargos?2020-05-05
How to declare Customs clearance and how to pay the duty if our bonded factory would like to sell bonded products to domestic market?2020-05-05
Is there any time-limit for storing the goods in a bonded warehouse? What may the Customs do if the storage is beyond the time-limit?2020-05-05
Are there any restrictions for those cargos stored in a logistics center?2020-05-05
Is it necessary to apply for Customs declaration when we transfer the cargos from a duty-levying area to a logistics center?2020-05-05
How should a bonded factory deal with the bonded substandard products, by-products, scraps, and waste materials?2020-05-05
Is it possible for another firm or trading company to declare for exportation for the bonded products of a bonded factory? If yes, how to declare Customs clearance?2020-05-05
Our factory falsely listed non-bonded raw materials as bonded raw materials while applying for Customs import declaration, what should we do ?2020-05-05
Is a bonded factory allowed to apply for consolidated monthly report for domestic sales? If yes, how to apply?2020-05-05
Is it allowed to transfer our cargos stored in a bonded warehouse to another warehouse or logistics center?2020-05-05
When we apply delivery and apply for import declaration for the stored cargos which have been reconditioned in a bonded warehouse, how to pay the duty?2020-05-05
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