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What kind of food products am I allowed to carry into Taiwan regarding tightening border inspections against African swine fever(ASF)?2020-05-12
Could my unaccompanied luggage be imported duty free?2020-05-12
How do a foreign traveler claim VAT Refund in Taiwan?2020-05-08
What, when and where should I apply for an export cargo declaration?2020-05-08
Could articles I took out of Taiwan be free of duty on my return?2020-05-08
Is there any charge for export cargo declaration?2020-05-08
Are passengers allowed to bring electronic cigarette into Taiwan?2020-05-06
How can I carry pets into or out of Taiwan?2020-04-30
Can I carry _______ into Taiwan? (Keep ASF and animal diseases out!)2020-04-24
Can the protected wildlife and products thereof be brought in or taken out of the country by passengers?2020-04-24
Can I carry animals/plants or the related products into Taiwan?2020-04-24
Can I carry fruits into the country?2020-04-24
What articles can a passenger bring in duty-free?2020-04-20
What is the total value of duty-exemption for each inbound passenger?2020-04-20
Can I carry tobacco or liquor into Taiwan?2020-03-04
How much gold can I carry across the border?2020-02-27
Can I travel with negotiable securities?2020-02-27
Is there any limit on the amount of money laundering controlled items to be brought into or taken out of Taiwan by passengers?2020-02-27
What should I Declare to the customs on arrival?2020-02-15
How should I make the Customs clearance on arrival?2020-02-15
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